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Rapid Screen Capture (ver 2.1)


Rapid screen capture

This software allows you to take screenshots from any part of your computer screen and let you save it in popular windows BMP and JPEG image format. You can choose different ways to capture screen and also include the mouse pointer during the capture operation. Automatic image enhancement can also be applied.

Main Features

  • Capture Full Screenshots with a single left mouse click.
  • Capture a specified area on screen using rubber band mouse selection feature.
  • Capture a specific window by pressing left mouse button inside the client window.
  • Include cursor also in your captured screen image.
  • Save captured image in to famous BMP and JPEG image format.
  • View, scroll image in the client area of the software.
  • Automatic image enhancement with Undo operation.


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Rapid Video Capture (Ver 2.0)


Rapid video capture

This software allows you to capture any kind of visual activity on your computer screen in to an AVI video stream. You can choose different codecs for video compression and many other options for audio stream.

Main Features

  • It includes all the features of Rapid Screen Capture (ver 2.1) software.

  • Rubber band selection of desired area for video capture.

  • Choose any installed codec for video compression.

  • Third party codecs supported.

  • Choose compression quality.

  • Record audio in mono or stereo mode.

  • Select audio parameters.

  • Include cursor in captured video.

  • Optional audio recording with video.

  • High quality video captured.

  • Automatic frame rate selection.

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Rapid Image Resizer (Ver 1.0)

This software allows you to resize the JPG images & photographs in a batch processing mode. User can select as many files as he/she wishes and add them to the list. The software also shows the preview of each image. The resize factor can be set by the user and batch conversion can be started. It performs the resize operation and save the output images in the source folder itself. It is a very good software to convert high resolution photographs in to small images that can easily be transferred over the network and saved in your mobile devices.

Main Features

  • Support of any size JPEG images.
  • Facility to add image files from different folders.
  • Facility to preview the image.
  • FAcility to add thousands of images.
  • Image removal from the list.
  • Removal of all the images from the list.
  • Percentage criteria for image resize.
  • Fast reduction of images.
  • Quality of images are preserved.


Free Download

Image Processing Tool

This software is the best free software available for basic image processing operations. It supports a number of image formats. The multiple document interface allows editing of many images. Almost all basic image processing operations like brightness, contrast control, filtering (linear or non-linear), edge detection, geometric operations, scanner 
interface etc. are supported.

Main Features

  • Support for BMP, Gif, JPG, PNG, MNG, TIF, TGA, PCX, JP2, JPC, PGX, RAS, RAW, ICO Cur file formats.
  • Image capture from the scanner.
  • Histogram based enhancements
  • Brightness, contrast control.
  • Adaptive thresholding, Dithering.
  • Gamma function, Pseudo coloring.
  • HSL , YUV Controls
  • Bits per pixel control
  • Linear & non linear filtering
  • Circle Transforms
  • Split, combine, Shadow, FFT operations
  • Resamling, resize, Add transparency
  • Image rotation, selection, text placement, flood fill etc.

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